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OMM UltraFire Vest 5 + Flexi Flasks – Blue


5 litre multipocket running vest when you need extra layers on longer or cold weather runs. + 2 x 350ml Flexi Flask bottles.

The UltraFire Vest provides 7 easy access pockets for everything you need on a run. An additional water-resistant 5 litre roll-top back pocket allows you to carry extra dry kit on longer colder days. The UltraFire’s ergonomic design stabilises the vest at the shoulder and diaphragm allowing your lungs to be unrestricted for optimal performance. Includes two 350ml Flexi Flasks.

With all the easy on the move access as the TrailFire, the UltraFire adds a 5ltr secure, expandable rolltop bag on the back allowing for proper stowing of less accessed kit.

Ergonomic design allows for full expansion of the diaphragm whilst stability comes from the shoulders. Leaving your lungs free to expand and ensure optimal performance

Using highly durable and water resistant fabrics, the rear compartment provides the perfect stash for spare layers or less accessed kit.

The UltraFire 5 Vest offers several hydration options, supplied with 2 x 350ml Flexi Flasks but with upfront capacity for up to 2 x 500ml plus space for a 2 litre bladder in the back. You can get on with the adventure at hand without worrying about staying hydrated.


  • Roll-top Access
  • Leanweight Design
  • 2 secure zip pockets
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Reflective detailing
  • Fits Flexi Flasks & Ultra Bladder
  • 2 x 350 Flexi Flasks

Technical Details

  • 3D Mesh harness
  • Nylon 210 T
  • Stretch mesh pockets
  • Performance Fit
  • Weight 270g
  • Sizes: S/M/L
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